Folie Circulaire, "Circular Insanity"

2018 Philadelphia Classical Guitar Competition Set Piece - Adult Division Performed by Philip Goldenberg, 1st Prize & Peter Segal Award Winner, April 8, 2018 at Settlement Music School, Philadelphia.

Newton’s Cradle for guitar guo, performed at the Wilmington Classical Guitar Society by Kevin J. Cope & Brendan Evans

I. The Copernican Revoluntion from “Conscium Universum,” performed at the University of Delaware by Eileen Grycky (flute), Lingchin Liao (violin), Donna Fournier (viola da gamba), Todd Thiel (violoncello), and Tracy Richardson (harpsichord)

Performed by Jared Kobos (clarinet), Duo Shen (violin), Ross Beauchamp (violoncello), and Christine Meng (piano).