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Destination Unknown

Original Compositions I

Solo Guitar Vol. 1

Format: CD

A collection of dark but always understandable solo guitar compositions that range in style from quasi-12-tone to Latin inspired dances to elegy. All compositions composed and performed by Kevin J. Cope. 

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Complete Works for Solo Guitar, Vol. 1

Destination Unknown CD Sheet Music Book



Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

This anthology includes all compositions on the Destination Unknown CD, twenty pieces in total.

Folie Circulaire

Commissioned for the 2018 Philadelphia Classical Guitar Competition



Difficulty: Advanced/Professional

Commissioned for the 2018 Philadelphia Classical Guitar Competition to be performed as the set piece in the adult division finals on April 8, 2018. The piece swings from many different emotional states often with a jazz flair.  The title refers to one of the original descriptions of the mental illness now known as Bipolar Disorder. "Folie Circulaire" translates as circular insanity in French.

Five Free Solo Guitar Works



Difficulty: Early Intermediate to Intermediate

In 2012 I started attending guitar festivals and handing out a free one page composition to guitarists.  In 2016, the fifth of these pieces has now been added to my free solo guitar compositions. Several of these pieces will be on my upcoming CD "Destination Unknown" as well.




Difficulty: Advanced

Written for guitarist Brian Bard, Kuitra utilizes the modes of the Middle East in a unique manner by creating a jazz influenced harmonic scheme that leaves the listener deceived as to the true nature of the mode. The piece features an exciting rasgueado section.

Suite No. 1


Difficulty: Late Intermediate to Advanced

Comprised of four Latin dances that can be played separately or as a set: 

I. Tango de la Tentadora
II. Sikah Baladi (son)
III. Medianoche Habanera
IV. Saba Baladi (tango)

Five Studies


Difficulty: Intermediate

Five studies focusing on five techniques suggested by fellow guitarists; finger independence, second string tremolo, walking bass line, right hand percussion, and five and six string arpegios with thumb. Each piece has its own character while maintaining an overarching texture and tone to make them function best when performed together.  However, they can be performed individually as well.

Quatre pieces breves


Difficulty: Advanced

Quatre pieces breves is a four movement work with a great deal of composition variety.  Each movement was written with a different technique creating a unique character for each piece.

Twilight at the Dawn


Difficulty: Easy/Early Intermediate

This piece was written as an elegy for my cousin that died tragically in 2014. 

Difficulty: Easy

Two lullabies written for my niece Victoria and my nephew Alexander. Sweet, melodic, and uncomplicated pieces.

Two Lullabies