Dis Sacrificium (guitar ensemble/quartet)/PDF

Dis Sacrificium (guitar ensemble/quartet)/PDF


Five movement work for guitar ensemble or quartet written with young players in mind. It’s dark, mostly simple, and definitely fun to play. LISTEN HERE

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When I sat down to write these pieces my goal was to create a set of modern pieces that would be easy for beginner students to read but without completely shying away from a challenge. While playing very simple rhythms, for the most part, the students can learn to listen for the impact of their part on the piece as a whole with intense dissonances incorporated into homophonic textures, intricate interweaving melodies which contain only simple rhythms, as well as noncomplex ideas such as accompaniments.

Dis Sacrificium ("A Sacrifice to the Gods")

  1. Viduus - Roman god who separates the soul and the body after death

  2. Discordia - Roman goddess of discord and strife

  3. Vulturnus - Roman god of the East wind

  4. Summanus - Roman god of night thunder

  5. Pax - Roman goddess of peace